Rivera Realty

Randall Kates is investor, entrepreneur, community leader and public servant of Southern New Jersey. He attributes his success to his faith in God first and his support system from his staff, family and community second. On the educational front Randall obtained his bachelors in business technology in 2008 and his masters in 2013 in Public Administration in 2013. For over 10 years Randall balanced both worlds in entrepreneurship and educational leadership until in 2020 right in the midst of covid he went full force into logistics and real estate which required his full-time, long-term commitment.

Randy gained his entrepreneurial penchant in 2004 when he started selling shoes and clothes online and in 2006 started an online clothing store in which he used drop shipping and selling at local flea markets. His Dad Richard was very instrumental and a great motivator by ensuring faith that he can run business at a high level and being dedicated to his craft in which Randy is forever grateful. Allowing him to use his truck to sell at the Cowtown flea market might not sound like a big deal but that meant all the world in making a good profit versus a meager one. As business slowed down from 2008 -2014, he still sold clothes but went into the work field fulltime as a social worker and later academic advisor at a local college during the great recession. He always stayed laser focused on business and later picked up buying real estate in 2016, He learned several lessons in this and made some gains and had some losses but most of all kept pushing like us Kate’s do. In 2020 he saw an opportunity to start an Amazon Delivery company and without hesitation applied.  He went through several interviews all over the country and was approved.  Starting a business during 2020 was the most challenging and rewarding business lesson he has had. In 2023, he currently staffs over 50+ employees and his company deliver all over South Jersey from Salem, Camden, and Gloucester counties, if he is able to do it you 100% can too it all is about your power of choice and belief.